You have to ask; how much blacker can it get? And the answer is 'none'

Francis Breakspear

Lemuel Johnstone said that “what some people call hypocrisy, I call freedom of spirit”.

This is an adapted piece from my online free book [not available right now - Ed] and the title is borrowed from the movie Spinal Tap The article is a follow-on from my piece on Psychopaths and Evil, and covers a few thoughts about Satanists, ‘Black magicians’ and morality, and it is hoped that it will continue some interesting debate in the forums [comments welcome below].

“Just as religion is losing its hold on man, leaving us free from morality and god, so too will science lose its hold, leaving us free from the tyranny of truth- the ‘new’ god”. However, by definition all Satanists are merely rather odd Xians. The concept of Satan stems from the Xian Bible; so without believing in the Xian God, no-one can be a Satanist in any shape or form. This reduces Satanism to something rather akin to an obscure and limited Xian sect (albeit a rebellious one) and not even that heretical. One argument for this area proposes that if the Xian God knows all, and created all things, he must have CREATED Satan for a damn good reason. So the Xian God NEEDS there to be devils… Which rather deflates a lot of the fundamentalist zeal for fighting Satan on all fronts…“Creeds and moralities are parasites and vampires that shrivel us, distort us and make us grotesque.” We NEED Satan, suckers!

However, once we get into the realms of trying to understand the reasoning of the Xian God, and one whose thought processes (based on behaviour manifested in the Bible) seems at times, well… pretty stoned really, we are into pretty shaky philosophical ground; i.e. trying to know the unknowable. Again, in former centuries it would have become very hot around the toes very quickly if one expressed such views openly; such heresy being an open invitation to the inquisition. I have no doubt that there are such entities as real Satanists, but I have yet to meet more than one who claimed to be, and whom I beleived.

What I have learned of real Satanists (admittedly based in a small sample of face-to-face meets), and not the wannabees, seems to confirm the view that they tend to be desperately trying to rebel against a staunch Xian upbringing in the most horrible way that they can think of. Their rigid, blinkered and confined Xian childhood leaves them only one way to not conform - by using the book that they have had forced upon them to the exclusion of most others; so they choose to worship the opposition to the heroes of their Xian Bible.

In the opinion of many, Satan and all the other Demons of the Bible (as well as good old Judas) are as precisely and totally necessary for the whole story of Xianity as is the archetypal black-hat, black-shirt wearing "baddie" in virtually every cowboy movie ever made. And about as ultimately scary; there are many more frightening things on and above the earth. Which brings me onto good and evil. Wise indeed is he or she who knows the difference; it is largely a matter of perspective and whether one benefits from it; for example it is for some reason held to be true that all wars are good and just, because "God is on our side" and the enemy are heretical unbelievers who deserve (at the very least) to go to hell, and/or they hold some evil philosophical beliefs, be they "godless communists" or whatever.

In my opinion the most evil thing EVER is that there exists some misty concept of "good and evil" which when manipulated in particular ways to the masses is translated into what everyone seems to think is unshakeable absolute truth. (It is an absolute truth that there ARE no absolutes; so never, ever use them. HoHo). In many contexts there seem to be that fabled beast "the lesser of two evils"; which implies a non-absolute measure for evil. Good and evil are primarily a matter of subjective opinion; my opinions are dotted all over the book, and articles elsewhere on occult e-books. Form your own opinions on everything that matters to you: “Morality that depends upon individual judgment is a vigorous living thing; but when morality becomes equated with a rigid code of law and dogma then it is no longer part of us, we are ‘distinct’ from it and can grow free. The church did mankind the favour of thus enslaving morality long, long ago.”

I do not doubt that a very few unfortunate children have suffered at the hands of people propounding themselves to be occultists, and indeed fewer still at the hands of those who actually are occultists. I do have the greatest empathy and sympathy for these children and their families, but perhaps somebody ought to come up with the statistics for child abuse in general, whereby it would show a very small percentage of occult child abuse as opposed to say a large proportion of Xian child abuse, or Jewish, or Moslem or any other Faith for that matter. Maybe someone should so a survey on atheist child abuse, and then hound atheists from pillar to post- as the numbers will surely be very high?

Which result is presumably more acceptable to the blinkered and bigoted followers of whichever comes out of these figures as the "most innocent" faith?

Statistics can play peculiar tricks in clever hands. In a previous job I was paid to deliberately slant specially selected statistics in such a way that a pre-ordained (and not necessarily "true") conclusion could be supported by the clever and subjective expression of a few numbers and "facts".

It is best to view all such statistical expressions with caution. For example, if data on road accidents were to show that (for example) 15% of accidents were caused by young people in high performance cars driving dangerously; this would be a cause for concern. However not as worrying as the mental jump to the alternative conclusion (easily supported by a clever new slant on the same statistic) that the other 85% of accidents could be seen to be due to older people in standard, averagely-powered cars driving "carefully!!!"

Examine the perspective before you decide whether any judgements can be made at all with the available data. Only then formulate a tentative opinion. You probably need more information before you can get anywhere towards a degree of truth.

Truth is an elusive animal; if not an endangered species.

If we have any Satanists out there; please do comment.
And anyone else too!

Yours in the dark work, FB

The quotes in this piece are all taken from ‘Thundersqueak’, which awesome, and awe-inspring tome.