Hugo l'Estrange


A recent radio interview with an enthusiastic evangelical Xtian hunter of 'backtracks' - backward Satanic messages recorded on popular music records - revealed the following curious fact.

When asked why a fleeting and barely audible phrase in praise of Satan should be of any significance on a record whose whole overt message was clearly harmless, or even positively wholesome, his reply was that backward messages are in fact far more powerful than any overt message. This is because they bypass the conscious censor and are immediately absorbed by the unconscious mind.

If that is the case, just think what happens every time the public listens to a morning service on the radio or a recording of a sung mass!

When the Lord's Prayer is recited during the service, what is taking place in the more significant reverse mode? Yes, it is the Lord's Prayer Backwards that is being played backwards!

In other words, everytime anyone recites the Lord's Prayer forwards they are inevitably at the same time reciting it backwards backwards.

Now, however righteous the forward recitation might be, according to the interviewee's theory it is what is happening backwards that is really important. For that is the bit that goes directly to the unconscious mind.

Now, of course, the backwards recitation of the Lord's prayer is universally recognised as the most well known and efficacious invocation of Satan. So what this means is that every time anyone recites the Lord's Prayer they are not only unwittingly invoking Satan, but they are also doing so in the most effective manner possible — because they are doing it backwards in a way that bypasses the conscious censor.

This crucial discovery may have an important bearing on a later item in this diary — Onward Xtian Soldiers


Timely reissue of Black Paper on fundamentalist neurosis

It is with deep regret that I once more find myself being the bringer of bad news to the Satanic community. A copy of the forthcoming Black Paper on the Chr*st**n Fundamentalist Psychosis has been leaked to this column and I feel obliged to summarise the following main points from it.

1. Firstly attention is drawn to the close correlation between crimes of violence and Chr*st**nity: those nations where church attendance is highest being the nations with the highest murder rates. Lest there should be confusion of cause and effect, it is pointed out how the arrival of Chr*st**ns in peaceful communities in South America and the Pacific usually resulted in a breakdown of the native society.

2. A careful analysis of the progress of Chr*st**nity in North America reveals that church attendance was in gentle decline during the sixties and seventies and only began to rise steeply at the close of the latter decade. The turning point proves to be the year of the Jonestown Massacre when a thousand devout Chr*st**ns drank poison at their Lord's command — the biggest human sacrifice in recorded western history and a black magic operation of unprecedented magnitude.

3. It has been pointed out in USA, Britain and elsewhere that the current fundamentalist paranoia about devil worship has served absolutely no purpose except to generate enormous public interest in it — so much so that no Heavy Metal band would now be seen without its satanic regalia.

4. The strength of the fundamentalist position with the masses rests upon the popular sense of excitement at the approaching millenium: it has long been predicted that the end of this century will see the breakdown of civilisation and the institution of a reign of diabolical terror. Only as long as this seems to be taking place will the fundamentalists be in a strong position, so it is very much in the interests of their churches that society should indeed break down and become divided against itself.

5. As has been pointed out in previous editions of this diary, fundamentalist Chr*st**nity is making vast amounts of money at present — traditionally a sign of being in good favour with a devil.

From these five facts it is recognised that the present fundamentalist Chr*st**n revival must be the result of a black magic operation initiated by the Reverend Jim Jones, and that it is set to take over the world in the year 2000 by bringing about the collapse of Western civiisation using its own deluded followers as unconscious instruments of evil.

From this the Black Paper reaches its nightmare conclusion — one which is certain to appall the Satanic community but must, nevertheless be spelt out here in full.

It is that we Satanists are simply not being nearly wicked enough — everywhere our evil is being outdone by that of the evangelical Chr*st**ns. Once more I beg you to try a little harder for the Nineties and ask yourselves if there is any stone you have left unturned in your dedication to Absolute Evil?

Before you buy your veggie burgers and chick peas ask yourselves if you shouldn't really be sacrificing goats to Satan? Just think how many turkeys are slaughtered in the name of Chr*st each December!

After a long hard healing ritual do you really not have any energy left to abuse a child? Even a small one could be better than nothing — for the shocking statistical truth is that the little ones are thirty times more likely to be raped by Chr*st**n clergy (let alone the rank and file followers) than by us Satanists.

Come on you lazy bad-for-nothings — or are you simply hoping to earn your place in Heaven in order to get away from the Chr*st**n hoards?

There! I knew that accusation would shake you, you miserable sinners!

Hugo l'Estrange